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Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop & Storage


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Quick Overview

You're gonna want to kiss this frog. The Frog Pod is the super star of bath toy storage:

  • Its drainable scoop lets you gather and rinse toys, which helps prevent scum and mildew issues. 
  • The wall-mounted base, with built-in shelf, holds all your essential bath products. And it really sticks to bath walls with semi-permanent adhesive strips, but won't harm tile or wall surfaces. 
  • Bonus: With Frog Pod, scooping up the toys makes clean-up actually fun for kids (and therefore more likely to happen!)

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As every parent knows, rubber duckies and little toy boats tend to multiply in the bath. Rather than allowing them to lurk underfoot on the bathroom floor or sit forlornly in the empty tub once the splish-splashing is over, why not scoop 'em up with the ever-so-cute Frog Pod?

This bright green plastic frog can be mounted on any bathroom wall with the included bracket and adhesive.

A built-in shelf at the top stores shampoo or other bath products, while (this is the best part) the removable scoop can be used to pick up, rinse, and drain toys.

Additional toys or scrubby sponges can be hung from the frog's splayed fingers and toes.

There's plenty of room for toys (no more than 10 pounds worth is the packaging caution - 10 pounds!), and the design is charming and appealing to grownups and kids alike.

Tip: To avoid trouble with the Frog Pod falling off the wall, make sure to follow mounting directions carefully. It's especially important to use a dry wall, allow for a long adhesive curing time, and don't cross the grout with the adhesive strips.

Once it's really on, the frog pod should provide handy, stylish, and mildew-free bath toy storage for a good long time.

And no yucky, useless suction cups! 

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