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  • Black Friday Deals 2018

    It's time for Black Friday and some great deals on car seats, strollers and nursery furniture!!

    Here's the list:


    UPPAbaby - 20% OFF
    All Denny & Loic Strollers

    Get a 2018 Loic White Vista, Denny Red Cruz or Denny Red Minu for 20% off!

    This is your chance to own an awesome UPPAbaby stroller!

    On sale Nov 22rd - 26th, in-stock items only.


    Continue reading

  • Top Ten Ingredients to Avoid in Baby Skin Care Products

    It's hard to know how to choose the right skin care products for your little one, especially since labels that claim "Natural" or "Free" or Pure" can be anything but.

    So here are the top bad boys to look out for when you're standing in the grocery store aisle, trying to avoid mom guilt by buying something "good" to bath your children with. Continue reading

  • National Organic Week 2018!


    Happy National Organic Week! We’re excited to be part of Canada’s annual celebration of all things organic! Continue reading

  • Explore ... the Veer Cruiser!


    Have you seen the Veer Cruiser??

    It's not just a kickass wagon - it's the first-ever crossover. It's like the SUV of kid transport! Continue reading

  • 2018 Bumbleride Indies are Here!!!

    The brand new Bumbleride Indie 2018 strollers have now arrived, Canada! Continue reading

  • Sunscreen 101

    You want the best sunblock for your kids but there are so many out there and who has time to research the best kinds and proper SPF and whether the drugstore brands are really that bad?

    Here's the skinny: Continue reading

  • We're Growing! Now Hiring!

    Join Our Team!

    Are you looking for more meaningful work that includes authentic connections and makes a positive impact on the world?

    We're a small, family-owned business, with a dedicated team that's passionate about helping new parents. We're all about community and supporting people through the overwhelming world of baby products. We believe in making a positive difference and in choosing high-quality, eco-friendly products for your family. Continue reading

  • Crash Course: Nursing Bras

    There are so many things to learn during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    One of them is how to choose a good maternity/nursing bra.

    Here's a crash course, including how to find your perfect fit:

    What to expect - Pregnancy:

    During your first and second trimesters, your breasts will start to get bigger and you'll likely start wearing nursing bras, as you'll need larger sizes and more support than you get from your regular bras.

    By the third trimester, your cup size has probably increased one or two sizes compared to normal and could go up even one more size (really!) right after baby is born. Continue reading

  • Top Products of 2018: veer is here!!!

    Try not to freak out or anything but the future has arrived.

    Imagine if you blended a high end double stroller (that could take a car seat or bassinet, has a seat with harness straps, a snack tray, etc) with a rugged wagon that could go anywhere and kids loved to ride in?

    Someone did it.

    It's the Veer Cruiser!!! Continue reading

  • Reusable Straws for the Win!

    We find ourselves talking a lot lately about straws.

    Kids love using them, we love using them but if you start counting how many just get thrown in the garbage each time you have a smoothie, you start to feel bad.

    So we've started carrying reusable straws. Continue reading

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