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  • Cutest Natural Baby Products 2017!

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  • Top Products for Camping with Kids

    Going camping or to the cottage this summer?

    It can be hard to know what you'll need when spending time outside with little ones.

    Here are our top products to make living in the outdoors a little easier:


    Natural Sunblock:

    It goes without saying that you'll need sunblock if you're spending time outdoors (hopefully it doesn't rain!).

    Natural sunblocks act as a protective layer of zinc oxide that sits on top of the skin and provides a physical barrier against UVA & UVB rays. They don't contain potentially harmful chemicals (e.g. oxybenzone) like some of the common drugstore suncreens. Continue reading

  • Bumbo Changing Pad vs Keekaroo Peanut Changer

    New to the market in Canada, we're super excited about the Bumbo Changing Pad!

    Changing pads like this are a game changer. Compared to traditional change pads with fabric covers, we love how easy they are to wipe and clean. Continue reading

  • Nuna Mixx2 vs UPPAbaby Vista 2017 Comparison

    It's stroller comparison time!

    Two premium stroller brands in Canada, UPPAbaby and Nuna have just launched new versions of their full-size stroller, the Nuna Mixx2 and Uppababy Vista 2017.

    Although they have a lot in common, there are actually some key difference. Continue reading

  • 2017 UPPAbaby Vistas are (Almost) Here!

    We're so excited about the new 2017 UPPAbaby Vistas coming to Canada!! Continue reading

  • Britax Car Seat Sale!!!

    Britax is having a Canada wide car seat sale on ALL their car seats and boosters!

    It's going to start Friday (March 31) and all seats are going to be 20% off.

    This includes the Britax B-Safe infant seat (both regular and Elite), the Marathon and Boulevard ClickTight seats, as well as the Frontier ClickTight convertible seat and the Parkway booster seat.  Continue reading

  • Planetbox lunch boxes: hype vs reality













    Have a new one starting school? Welcome to the world of packing lunches.

    Here's a tip: you'll most likely hate it.

    Part of the problem is finding a good lunchbox that's easy for little ones to open, makes them more likely to eat their food (no small feat in a distracting classroom) and is easy to clean.

    Ideally you'd also get something that doesn't involve the cost and eco-impact of plastic sandwich bags, tons of containers they'll lose (and the brutal daily hunt for matching lids) and that nagging voice wondering what exactly is leaching out of the plastic into their food?

    Enter Planetbox, with their Rover metal lunchbox (and snack sized Shuttle).

    They're all the buzz on the playground among desperate parents.

    We were skeptics: it seems like so much to pay for a lunchbox, it's heavy and apparently doesn't even fit a full sized sandwich (edit: it does).  Continue reading

  • The MiFold Booster: Now in Canada!

    It's been a long time coming. While the US has had ultra-portable boosters on the market for years, here in Canada we've always had to go without due to the difference in Transport Canada regulations.

    But now the Mifold Grab & Go Booster is here!

    Here's a quick intro:

    In order to figure out whether the MiFold is right for your family, it may help to have a quick refresher on when to use a booster seat (and why)

    Continue reading

  • Tips for the Time Change & Your Baby's Sleep

    Sweet Newborn Baby Girl Asleep in CribIt's time for spring forward this weekend, with the clocks going ahead one hour!

    With little ones on a set schedule, this can be easier said than done.

    Kind of like jet lag, your little one may be moody, act up or need more naps if their schedule is thrown off.

    The good news is that if your child is sleeping well and is adaptable, you can just jump to the new times and they'll adjust. Continue reading

  • New Peg Perego Nido Car Seat: Why Load Legs Matter

    Peg Perego Nido Car Seat Canada

    Update: The new Peg Perego Nido infant car seat is here!!

    It's the first infant car seat in Canada to feature a "load leg" on the base, which is a big deal in the Canadian car seat market.

    Why are car seat geeks like us so excited? The short story is that load legs can significantly improve the safety of an infant car seat.

    Want the longer story? Here's why load legs matter: Continue reading

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