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  • Crash Course: Nursing Bras

    There are so many things to learn during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    One of them is how to choose a good maternity/nursing bra.

    Here's a crash course, including how to find your perfect fit:

    What to expect - Pregnancy:

    During your first and second trimesters, your breasts will start to get bigger and you'll likely start wearing nursing bras, as you'll need larger sizes and more support than you get from your regular bras.

    By the third trimester, your cup size has probably increased one or two sizes compared to normal and could go up even one more size (really!) right after baby is born. Continue reading

  • Top Products of 2018: veer is here!!!

    Try not to freak out or anything but the future has arrived.

    Imagine if you blended a high end double stroller (that could take a car seat or bassinet, has a seat with harness straps, a snack tray, etc) with a rugged wagon that could go anywhere and kids loved to ride in?

    Someone did it.

    It's the Veer Cruiser!!! Continue reading

  • Reusable Straws for the Win!

    We find ourselves talking a lot lately about straws.

    Kids love using them, we love using them but if you start counting how many just get thrown in the garbage each time you have a smoothie, you start to feel bad.

    So we've started carrying reusable straws. Continue reading

  • Battle of the Brands: Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers

    Everyone wants the best for their baby.

    They also want to help the environment or at the very least, not actively contribute to its destruction.

    But at the same time, you can only do so much. You can't do everything (and you can't feel guilty about it, as my mom would say).

    So let's say the thought of cloth diapers tips you over the edge but you want to at least chose a brand of disposables that isn't full of toxic chemicals or take 5 million years to break down in the landfill.

    Today we're going to do a comparison of two of our favourite eco-friendly disposable diaper brands: Honest Company and Parasol. Continue reading

  • Question of the Day: Newborn Cold

    Question of the day:

    What products do you recommend when a newborn has a cold?


    Nothing is sadder than a brand new baby who has a cold. They can't breastfeed because their nose is congested and you feel powerless to help.

    Luckily, you're not the first to go through this. Here are our recommended products for how to make it through: Continue reading

  • Review: Crane Ultrasonic Humidifiers

    Review by Nancy: Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier

    Okay, so I get how important humidifiers are. I even know that you should use a "cool-mist" one instead of one with warm air (thanks Asthma Society!), which seems counter-intuitive but okay.

    Here's the problem: I'm lazy.

    I'm not afraid of hard work when it's necessary but there are about one million things I'd rather do than clean a humidifier. So I don't.

    And so throughout my life, I've owned several humidifiers, both large electronic programmable beasts (whose water tank I could barely lug to my bedroom!) and small, simple things (that ran out of water before I'd even fallen asleep). Continue reading

  • Veer Cruiser ... It's coming!

    Super exciting news: we're going to be carrying the Veer Cruiser!!!

    We first saw the Cruiser at a trade show in the fall and right away, we loved it. It gets insanely good reviews (is super high quality) and some people are calling it the next generation of strollers!

    It's a crazy new concept but once you stop and think about it, it makes total sense.


    Continue reading

  • Introducing the new Britax B-FREE stroller


    Introducing the new Britax B-FREE stroller ... Continue reading

  • Which Car Seat Cover is Right for You?


    Winter is coming and with it, the need to keep your little one protected from the elements.

    But how do you keep them warm in a safe way? Here's your easy buying guide to car seat covers:

    What's the deal?

    It used to be that you would load the car seat with blankets but they were always falling off or dragging in the slush.

    Then came Bundleme's car seat liners which were great but car seat experts warned that fabric between the straps and the child could impact with safety (tip: Bundleme's now have an open back to avoid this issue).

    Stuffing your child into a snow suit isn't the answer either, as harness straps that seem tight against a snow suit are actually loose once the puffiness of the suit is compressed in a collision.

    Snow suits can also change the way straps fit around shoulders and even seat belts fit around the hips of a kid in a booster. Continue reading

  • Cutest Natural Baby Products 2017!

    Continue reading

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