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Battle of the Brands: Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers

Everyone wants the best for their baby.

They also want to help the environment or at the very least, not actively contribute to its destruction.

But at the same time, you can only do so much. You can't do everything (and you can't feel guilty about it, as my mom would say).

So let's say the thought of cloth diapers tips you over the edge but you want to at least chose a brand of disposables that isn't full of toxic chemicals or take 5 million years to break down in the landfill.

Today we're going to do a comparison of two of our favourite eco-friendly disposable diaper brands: Honest Company and Parasol.

Brand Recognition:

Honest Company wins this one, hands down. Everyone knows and loves this cheerful company founded by celebrity mom, Jessica Alba. No one has heard of Parasol,

Verdict: Honest has this by a landslide.


Eco Credentials:

Both organizations are eco legit.

Parasol diapers are free of chlorine, perfume, lotion, or latex. They're made from polypropylene, polymer, chlorine-free wood pulp, and polyethylene—all of which means they aren’t made from petroleum-based materials

The company also makes efforts to use fewer materials from sustainably managed forests, less packaging materials, and reduced shipping waste so their diapers have a smaller overall footprint.

Honest Company diapers aren’t bleached with chlorine and are made using pulp from sustainably managed forests and plant-based plastics (in place of petroleum-based chemicals).  Honest Co also uses "strives for broader environmental and social responsibility" by using things like post-consumer plastic in their packaging.

Neither diapers brands are fully biodegradable.

Verdict: Tie, which is great. We wish more companies were this careful about what goes into their products, as well as the overall effect their company itself has.


Cute patterns:

Shouldn't matter, do matter, the end. Honest Company always has up-to-date prints each season (e.g. black and white pandas, colourful flowers) but they're a bit cutesy.

Parasol has more modern patterns with more neutrals that aren't overly gendered (aqua and orange trees vs blue trains).

Verdict: Tie. Both are super cute, with Parasol prints being a bit more modern.


Absorbency & Fit:

Now we get down to the important stuff. Let's face it, it's a lot easier to choose an eco-friendly option as long as it doesn't involve leaks. A lot of parents will try one brand of eco-friendly diapers and then, if they encounter issues, will swear off all eco-friendly diapers entirely.

We found a better fit and less leaks with Parasol compared to Honest Company diapers

The Parasols have a great inner elastic and a nice shape that stays snug on baby, even little ones. They have a high rise in the back (important for preventing blowouts) and good coverage in the front. They're not bulky

You may need to adjust your expectations, as eco-friendly diapers can be less absorbent than conventional diapers (e.g. Huggies, Pampers). That's because conventional diapers contain a super-absorbent gel (sodium polyacrylate) that can absorb 300 times its weight in water but may have some health risks (e.g. can also cause allergic skin reactions).

Parents report that both these brands last through the night with no leaks, which is the true test.

Tip: Diapers like this are a good option for those who cloth diaper during the day but want a bit more protection overnight.

Verdict: Close contest but Parasol's fit edges out the competition.



In the past, parents usually had to sacrifice softness when choosing eco-friendly diapers. Many parents report Honest Company diapers to be a bit rough and stiff, which is not uncommon among eco-brands.

The founders of Parasol however spent years creating a soft top sheet layer that uses less wood pulp than traditional diapers. They believe that eco-friendly diapers don't have to be bulky or rough.

This doesn't impact the effectiveness of the diaper but it makes parents love them and probably makes little ones happier as well. If  you had the choice, wouldn't you want something soft against your butt?

Verdict: Parasol wins on this front by far.



Let's be clear: both of these are good eco-friendly and health-safe disposable diapers, especially for little ones with sensitive skin.

And diapers have good absorbency, which is the most important thing, but more parents have reported a good fit with Parasol diapers and everyone loves the softness, which means Parasol Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers win this Battle of the Brands!

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