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Review: Crane Ultrasonic Humidifiers

Review by Nancy: Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier

Okay, so I get how important humidifiers are. I even know that you should use a "cool-mist" one instead of one with warm air (thanks Asthma Society!), which seems counter-intuitive but okay.

Here's the problem: I'm lazy.

I'm not afraid of hard work when it's necessary but there are about one million things I'd rather do than clean a humidifier. So I don't.

And so throughout my life, I've owned several humidifiers, both large electronic programmable beasts (whose water tank I could barely lug to my bedroom!) and small, simple things (that ran out of water before I'd even fallen asleep).

All of them had filters and required regular cleaning. Which I did not do. So they became gross and yellow and that made me want to clean them even less.

Then I discovered the Crane Ultrasonic Humidifier .

I bought one for my daughter last winter when she had a cold and about 10 minutes after I saw how it worked, I stole it for my own room. (It's actually beside me as I write this.)

Here's why it rocks my world:

  1. Easy to clean. All humidifiers claim to be easy to clean but none actually are. Except this one. There's no visible filter!! That just eliminates so much of the annoyance. And there's no mold or calcification build-up, after using it all winter (we have regular city water). There are no ridiculous nooks and crannies that force you to get out the vinegar and a toothbrush. It's so easy, *I* actually clean it. That really says a lot. Maybe it's because I watched the video (see below).
  2. Whisper quiet. Again, lots of humidifiers claim to be quiet but aren't actually. The ones by Crane are so quiet, my kids think it's a magic trick and that smoke is pouring out of the owl's head. It's so quiet that my ridiculously-light-sleeper husband doesn't mind if I keep it on all night. Which if you knew him, you'd realize is huge.
  3. Effective. It gets the job done. It puts the moisture in the air. Apparently it uses "ultrasonic technology" to get It has a little dial that you can turn up or down, depending on how much you want. Which, after trying all the programmable features, I realize is all I really need.



There are also lots of little things that I like about it. The fact that I can fill it up in my sink (it fits under the tap) is a really nice-to-have.

I love that I don't have to worry about buying expensive/annoying filters. I love that when we met the actual owner of the company, she actually lectured us about the importance of cleaning our humidifiers regularily. Because she cares.


Bottom Line: There are a lot of health reasons to increase the humidity in your home, especially during nasty cold and flu season. This is hands-down the best humidifier we've ever seen, for kids OR for adults. The end.

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