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Top Products of 2018: veer is here!!!

Try not to freak out or anything but the future has arrived.

Imagine if you blended a high end double stroller (that could take a car seat or bassinet, has a seat with harness straps, a snack tray, etc) with a rugged wagon that could go anywhere and kids loved to ride in?

Someone did it.

It's the Veer Cruiser!!!

People are calling it a " Next Generation Premium Stroller/Wagon Hybrid" and I think it's a whole new category of baby gear.

Parents who already have kids get it right away: you buy a fancy double stroller but then end up buying a wagon and using that because the kids love riding in it so much.

We went over the Veer All-Terrain Cruiser in detail and ended up falling in love.

Here's why:


You have enough gear you need to buy when you have a kid so anything that can go through more than one stage is great.

The Veer Cruiser options for both the car seat and toddler stage so it can do more than a wagon (but last longer than a stroller).

That means the Cruiser can handle all these things:

  • Just a baby in an attached infant car seat
  • Just a baby in a bassinet under the sun canopy
  • One kid in the toddler seat (with room for groceries!)
  • A baby in a car seat plus a kid in a toddler seat (with a 3-point harness)
  • Two kids up to age 5-years-old (or 150 pounds) in toddler seats (great for twins!)
  • Two kids in a wagon
  • No kids and all your beach gear


The car seat option is especially groundbreaking. The fact that you can get adapters for most major car seats (e.g. Maxi Cosi/Cybex/Nuna)  means you can get out of the house with your newborn and your toddler without waking the baby and/or the toddler refusing to ride in a stroller.

And the car seat can be put in any of four positions: facing you, facing the world, and in the front or back of the Cruiser.

How cool is that?!




One thing that really sets it apart from say, other wagons, is that it pushes just like a stroller! Swivel wheel steering means it's easy to navigate and it  has everything we look for in a stroller: tough suspension system, adjustable telescopic handle (with an ergonomic grip borrowed from mountain bikes) and a one-touch brake.

Bonus points for being easy to fit through doorways unlike side-by-side doubles. Also, it's easy for kids to push, which is just super cute.



It's one thing to come up with a novel idea, it's another to bring it to market with such high quality that everyone who tries it, loses their minds.

The Cruiser has an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, with a single-frame patented wall system and the big wheels are great for handling sand at the beach, rocky trails, or snowy days.




It folds down like a stroller! (This is one downside of a traditional wagon: you can't fold it down.) You can also take the wheels off with one touch if you want it even flatter.  It's great that it can stand upright too, for storage.




It's so smart of them to offer a storage basket accessory for those times when the cruiser is full of kids. It's the perfect size for diaper bags, cooler bags or small dogs.


  • We've started off by carrying the Maxi Cosi/Nuna/Cybex adapter but they also make ones for Britax, Chicco and Graco (and a MESA adapter is rumoured to be coming soon). Contact Us if you'd like one.
  • You can also get a Napper (aka bassinet) for the Cruiser that looks pretty awesome. Contact Us if you'd like one.
  • There's a travel bag option that looks crucial if you're going to be doing any flying. Again, Contact Us if you'd like one.
  • Has a better than average warranty of 3 years (2 years plus an additional one if you register)


Overall it may seem like a crazy concept when you first hear about it but once you try it out, it makes perfect sense.

It seems like it would help you get outside more and anything that does that is awesome.



Now, after years in development, the Veer Cruiser is now available in Canada ... from us!!!

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