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Explore ... the Veer Cruiser!


Have you seen the Veer Cruiser??

It's not just a kickass wagon - it's the first-ever crossover. It's like the SUV of kid transport!

Basically, it combines the functionality and durability of a premium stroller with the practicality of a wagon.


It's a totally new concept: why do we only push strollers? Why can't we push them when we want but also (easily) pull them when the terrain is more rough or hilly?

And a lot of kids hate riding in a stroller but love riding in a wagon.

So instead of getting a double stroller and then a wagon, you can just get a cross-over from the start!

And this means you can go places you couldn't otherwise go... and take a lunch!

It can take an infant car seat and has an optional toddler seat with a 3-point harness for safety.

That means the Cruiser is versatile enough to handle all the scenarios of your lifestyle, such as:

  • A baby in a car seat or bassinet
  • A kid in the toddler seat (with room for groceries!)
  • A baby in a car seat, plus a kid in the toddler seat
  • Two kids in toddler seats (great for twins!)
  • Two bigger kids in a wagon (with an extra basket for gear)
  • No kids ... and all your beach gear!


It's rugged and built to last for ages 0-5+ yrs and beyond, so you get a ton of use.



And at the end of a busy day, Veer can be hosed off and easily folded for compact transport and storage.


Summer is coming so come test drive a Veer Cruiser at one of our locations!

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