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Making a Difference: Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

Do you ever get tired of the state of the world but feel helpless when it comes to doing something positive?

That's how we felt ... until we read about this wonderful new children's book, "Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns: A Muslim Book of Colour."

This beautifully illustrated book for young readers introduces parts of Muslim culture in a simple but well thought-out way. 

It is so well-written and the pictures bring simple concepts to extraordinary life.

“Gold is the dome of the mosque, big and grand.
Beside it two towering minarets stand.”

“Brown is a date, plump and sweet.
During Ramadam, it’s my favorite treat.”

One way to help change the world is by starting with children and yet so few children's books highlight the beauty of other cultures and religions.

By reading books about other world traditions, it can help inspire questions and observations, which lead to greater understanding and acceptance.

This book not only shows the colors, shapes and textures of Muslim culture but also is able to magically convey our shared humanity.

Basically, every school and anybody with children should have this book in their library.

Plus kids love reading it!

Let's Join Together!

Not only do we now carry this book at both our locations but for the month of February 2019, we will donate 100% of the profit from its sales to a local refuge group (Nova Scotian Syrian Society), which helps Syrian families to build a new life in Canada. The book is available to purchase on our website and in stores.

This way we can not only help to teach children about the world and the importance of peaceful diversity but also having a direct impact to help those in need.

Spread the Word:

Here are some ideas for how to help share this wonderful book with others:

  • Give it to your own children as a rainy day gift - you can snuggle up and read it together!
  • Give it to other children as a birthday gift (appropriate for both preschoolers and middle schoolers)
  • Give it to nieces and nephews
  • Donate a copy to your child's school library.

Together we can make a difference!

PS Let us know if you have other suggestions on ways to help!!!


Check out this interview with the author: