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Brands - Aleva Naturals

Aleva Naturals

Aleva Naturals is like the skincare company we would have started. They have a complete range of natural and plant-based products for both moms and babies and their products are free from any hidden chemicals that may trigger skin irritations, dryness or pose long-term health risks.

Aleva Naturals was born when a pharmacist’s newborn son developed severe nasal congestion. While searching for products to help relieve the nasal congestion, he struggled to find a truly natural product that was safe and effective.

The pharmacist decided to return to his roots and developed a natural remedy using both the gifts of nature and the wisdom of science. When he shared his remedy with friends and family, their encouragement and praise were the springboard for the birth of Aleva Naturals, and so the journey began.

Today, Aleva Naturals continues to pride itself on being Pure, Natural & Vegan. The product line is a safe & gentle solution for new and expecting mothers, as well as their newborns.