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Brands - Parasol


With so many diaper products out on the market now, it’s hard for always-busy super moms and dads to keep up with it all!  After all, you want what’s best for your baby but too many diapers are made with harmful chemicals that leave rashes on your little’s little bum, and the ones that are safe don’t seem to fit right.

Parasol diapers are your new best friend. But what makes their products so different?

It’s simple, really. At Parasol, they heard the cries of mamas everywhere and felt their frustration in the sockets of their soul.

Parasol diapers are a solution to your needs: 

Featuring a specially developed, ultra-soft top layer, smart drylock technology, a breathable backsheet, and more, a Parasol diaper is meticulously crafted for mamas and babies everywhere. Parasol hypoallergenic diapers are kind to your little one and the environment.

Parasol does more than just provide you with an incredible diaper, we provide you with peace of mind.