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Brands - skip*hop


Skip Hop has a commitment to quality baby products and have stood by that commitment since 2003. They started out on a quest to design the perfect diaper bag and now have been creating baby products such as bedding and crib sets for the nursery, as well as bath and play toys for almost a decade.

Here's how they describe themselves: "At Skip Hop, we truly understand today's moms and dads because that's who we are too. We're in tune with the cool person you were before parenthood, and know that you're even cooler now that you're a new mom or dad. Yes, you spend tons of time online, but now it's on your favorite parenting Web site. You still blog, but now you blog your baby photos. You love your iPod even more with lullabies on it. And baby's first steps are up on YouTube for everyone to see. So really, nothing's changed, yet it's also a whole new world. 

At Skip Hop, we get it. So we strive to create products that are smarter, more innovative and safer. Products that appeal not only to your heart but to your modern sense of design. Iconic objects that beautify the living space, simplify parenting and make day-to-day living easier as a new mom or dad. That's the ultimate goal in everything we do. To make parenting better."