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Britax EZ Cling Window Shade

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Quick Overview

The Britax EZ-Cling Window Shades shield children from UV rays, sun glare, and heat while they're riding in the rear seat of the car.

You can easily attach, reposition, remove and reuse the shades, which have a unique cling design with a lightweight, reinforced frame.

The mesh-like fabric offers an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 30+ while still providing visibility for the driver.


  • UPF 30+ sun protection blocks UV sun rays and keeps helps keep child cool
  • Feature a unique cling design that makes it easy to apply them to your window.
  • Reinforced with a lightweight wire frame for durability
  • Can be repositioned as desired and removed for storage to reuse again and again.
  • 19" x 12" size for an optimal fit on most vehicle rear-side windows

Our Review:

These are our favourite sun shades!

If you've tried other sun shades, you'll know that suction cup sun shades can have problems sticking properly. They can also be more dangerous, as they can become projectiles in the vehicle when there's an collision.

Sticky sheet shades be be tricky to apply smoothly and are rarely reusable.

That's why we love these shades!

They stick to the window easily, work well as shades, are easily removable but only come off when you want them to.

As a bonus, they also fold up, though it's a little awkward to get them folded up the right way.

They fit well on the rear windows of a mid sized sedan. Some parents use two across the back window as well to provide additional protection.

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