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BUYING GUIDE: Double Strollers

Baby Jogger City Select Twin StrollerNeed a double stroller? It can be overwhelming to figure out the differences between the different kinds and features.

This guide will help you learn about the world of double strollers and how to decide on the one that has the best balance of features that suit your family, your budget and your lifestyle.




Pros:  Cons:
  • Narrow width fits through doorways easily
  • More likely to take two car seats.
  • More likely to be able to have seats facing parent
  • Sometimes able to convert to a single stroller depending on the day / circumstances
  • For children of different ages, the older child usually sits up front which can make it front heavy and difficult to lift onto curbs and steer.
  • The child in the rear seat will likely be able to kick the back of the front seat and annoy the other child.       



Pros:  Cons:
  • Both children have a clear view and can talk to each other
  • Same arm and leg room for both children
  • Weight is more evenly distributed which means it's easier to push, turn, and maneuver.
  • Depending on the stroller, you may have trouble fitting through door frames, grocery store checkouts, racks of clothing in shops and other tight spaces.
  • Your children will be able to reach each other, which may mean stealing toys and other provocations.



  • Are you buying this stroller for twins or children of two different ages? If kids of different ages, what's the age difference?
  • Will this stroller primarily be a “car stroller” or a "walking stroller"?
  • If you’re expecting twins, do you need to fit two infant car seats on this stroller?
  • Think about the main places you will be taking your stroller and where it needs to comfortably fit. Will you be lifting it in and out of the truck of your car? 
  • Where will you be using your stroller? Think of the surfaces you'll encounter, from smooth floors in malls to bumpy sidewalks to all-terrain gravel roads. Which of these will happen most often?
  • Are you planning on using a bassinet / bassinets?
  • How much weight are you prepared to handle?
  • How long do you want the stroller to last (i.e. fit your children)?


Car Seat Compatibility

More than anything, whether you need your double stroller to take two car seats will help determine the stroller for you. Many double strollers (especially side-by-sides) only have the capacity for one car seat adapter and even when they can take two, they sometimes only take seats of the same brand.

Stroller weight

How much are you willing to lift? (Picture pushing two children, plus the weight of the stroller up a hill). Keep in mind that weight is a trade-off: key features that make a stroller easy to push (like rubber wheels and suspension) make a stroller heavier. You'll need to prioritize the features that are most important to your lifestyle. 

Weight limit

Some double strollers have a smaller footprint but the seats can get cramped once your children get a bit older. Think of how long you want to be able to use the stroller and look at seat weight and height limits accordingly.


Double strollers are easy to push if they are well-engineered, with a handlebar (versus separate handles), good suspension to smooth out the bumps, and a well-balanced frame. The best way to judge this is take the stroller for a test drive (not just in the store, make sure to go outside!) with some weight in it. Different strollers fit people differently: if you're tall, you may find yourself kicking the rear axle or wheels and if you're petite, you'll want to look for an adjustable handlebar.

The Fold

The ideal stroller folds quickly and easily, using one hand. It is as compact as possible when folded (keeping in mind that double strollers only get *so* compact). 

Your stroller should be quick and easy to fold, and it should ideally fold compactly. You should be able to work around a two-handed fold if you need to.


Depending on how you'll be using your double stroller, don't forget the importance of on-board storage space. You have twice the gear to carry around and while you can often hang your diaper bag from the stroller's handles, you'll still appreciate every inch of basket space. Keep in mind that how you use your stroller will impact how much space you need: shopping in the mall in the winter with bulky coats to store requires more space than a long walk in the park. 



Best in-line: Baby Jogger City Select with Second Seat, $729.99 + $289.99

Baby Jogger Canada City Select Twin StrollerWEIGHT: 28 lbs(with second seat)

WEIGHT LIMIT: 45 pounds per seat (90 lbs total)

WHY WE LOVE IT: The adaptable City Select allows you to change configuration depending on your family and your day. It goes from single to double easily and allows for an array of stroller seats, bassinets, and car seats, facing you or facing the world. Great for parents of twins who don't want to sacrifice all-terrain capabilities, since it takes two car seats.

MAY NOT BE FOR YOU: Because of weight distribution, the City Select can feel more difficult to steer and get up on curbs with a big kid in the front seat. 


Best side-by-side: Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double Stroller, $849.99

Baby Jogger Canada Mini GT StrollerWEIGHT: 32.6 lbs

WEIGHT LIMIT: 100 lbs total

WHY WE LOVE IT: Just like its single version, the City Mini GT, it’s an all-around great stroller! The easy, quick, compact fold makes it simple to get in and out of your car, and the all-terrain wheels are great at both the park and the playground. Front-wheel suspension, huge canopies, and nearly-full reclines will keep your kids content on the go, and parents appreciate the adjustable handlebar and handbrake.

MAY NOT BE FOR YOU: Since you can only use one car seat at a time, it's not great for parents of twins who want to use it from birth.


Best lightweight: Valco Snap Duo, $719.99

Valco Canada Snap Duo Double Stroller

WEIGHT: 24 lbs

WEIGHT LIMIT: 100 lbs total

WHY WE LOVE IT: It's SO light! Pushing a stroller that's heavy, along with two kids, is no joke and having a stroller this light is amazing. A new kid on the block, the Valco Baby Snap Duo is the lightweight double we've been waiting for. It's the same weight as an umbrella stroller but with the features of a full-sized stroller. It's well balanced for kids of different ages, has good-sized baskets and canopies for a lightweight stroller and your little ones will appreciate the fully-upright seat position, with bumper bar to hang on to. Petite parents in particular will appreciate its size and weight. 

MAY NOT BE FOR YOU: While great for urban strolling, the EVA wheels and lack of suspension mean this is not the stroller for trails or gravel roads. Also, currently only takes one car seat although the seats lie flat for newborns (tip: use the UPPAbaby Snug Seat to positioning).


Best workhorse: BOB Revolution Flex Duallie, $899.99

BOB Flex Duallie CanadaWEIGHT: 34 lbs


WHY WE LOVE IT: This stroller can go anywhere, with ease! It’s maneuverable enought to conquer everything from rutted walking trails to icy sidewalks. It's a great jogger as well, with adjustable suspension and a knob to ensure the front wheel is always tracking straight. Although seen by some as a big beast, this is not a stroller you ever regret buying, because you fall in love with how well it pushes. If you need a double for children of different ages and plan on doing lots of all-terrain walking, the Duallie reigns supreme.

LESS THAN PERFECT: One of the heaviest in its class, the BOB is not great for travelling or even going in department stores. It may be overly bulky for petit framed parents to lift and may not fit in small trunks. If you want to use it from birth, the seats do not recline flat for newborns so you'll have to use a car seat. Not great for parents of twins, as it only takes one car seat. You may end up eventually getting an umbrella stroller as well if you do any airplane travel.


Best premium: Bugaboo Donkey with Extension, $1989.95 (Duo) - $2,038.99 (Twin)  

Bugaboo Canada Donkey Duo

WEIGHT: 33.4 pounds (Duo/Twin)

WEIGHT LIMIT: 37.5 pounds per seat

WHY WE LOVE IT: Bugaboo strollers are glorious to push! A ton of engineering goes in to these strollers and that makes them truly original. This stroller can go from single (seat + cargo basket) to double by expanding its width and adding a double seat. It can have two stroller seats, two bassinets, or two infant car seats, or any combination of those, and the seats can face your or away. The big air-filled tires give kids give a super smooth ride, and can take on virtually any terrain, including sand and snow. 

MAY NOT BE FOR YOU: Because of all the work that goes in to them and the quality of the materials, Bugaboo strollers are a serious investment and may be out of reach for many parents. 



BugabooThere are special considerations for parents of twins, primarily the capacity for your double stroller to be able to fit two infant car seats.

More common as a feature among tandem/in-line strollers, it can be difficult to tell which side-by-side strollers can handle two car seats. 



Stroller Car Seats in Twin Mode Pros Cons Price

Peg Perego

Book for Two

Peg Perego seats only
  • Single handlebar for one-handed push
  • Aluminum frame
  • Built-in suspension
  • Stands when folded
  • Can get all-terrain wheels
  • Can use a ride-on board
  • 30 lbs
  • Only takes Peg Perego car seats

Mountain Buggy


-Maxi Cosi Mico series

-Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35

-Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect

-Chicco Key Fit

  • Same width as many single strollers (25")
  • Smooth ride (rear suspension and air-filled tires)
  • Seats are smaller and narrower than average (39.5 lbs weight limit each) so you’d need to assess whether it will fit your children over the long term. 
  • Car seat adapter for twins requires partial removal of seat fabric 
  • With two standard car seats is wider (32") than standard door frame 


Indie Twin

-Maxi Cosi Mico series

-Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35

-Graco Classic Connect and Click Connect

-Chicco Key Fit

  • Fits through standard doorways (29.5" wide)
  • Smooth ride (rear suspension and air-filled tires)
  • Seats not as large as some other side-by-sides (45 lbs each)



-Maxi Cosi Mico series
-Britax B-Safe
-Chicco Key Fit
  • Good selection of car seat options
  • Only side-by-side double stroller that has reversible (parent-facing) seats
  • Sharp looks
  • Very easy to push and maneuver
  • Can use two bassinets 
  • Most expensive
  • Heaviest, 
  • Relatively low seat weight capacity. 
  • Can feel unwieldy when folded in doubles mode.