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Kushies GoPillow Lite Nursing Pillow

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Quick Overview

The GoPillow Lite is a hands-free, wearable breastfeeding pillow that is ideal for moms on the go or at home. This portable nursing pillow is worn on the arm to simultaneously provide a cushion for baby's head and support for mom while breastfeeding.

The GoPillow Lite is ideal on the go because it's lightweight and small enough to take with you.

And it's not just a breastfeeding aid, it also moonlights as a toddler pillow and slides into the arm rest on planes to make your toddler more comfortable.

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About the Inventor:

Tangela walker-craft had the idea for the GoPillow after giving birth and deciding to stay at home with her daughter full-time. Due to her two years of breastfeeding she was inspired to create the patented GoPillow. she needed a breastfeeding pillow that was portable and that provided breastfeeding privacy in public places. It was then that an idea that she had for a portable breastfeeding pillow was improved to include a built-in nursing cover-up. 

As a result, she patented the best travel product that a family could ever use on an airplane, bus, car, or train trip. The GoPillow can be used with babies and by children.

After several years on her own, Tangela contacted Kushies and licensed out the GoPillow and a second generation of products was produced. The GoPillow was named as a "mom must have" in pregnancy magazine and included on the baby gift hot list. 

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