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Our local children's clothing exchange means you can stock up on stylish, barely-used outfits for your little ones, while trading in clothes they've outgrown. Which is awesome because they grow like weeds!


How it works:

  1. Check the What's Hot/Not page to see if we're accepting clothes. What we can accept any given week (if anything) will depend on what we're full of and what's sold, so check back often to see if this has changed.
  2. Call and make an appointment (902-405-8804). In order to make sure we can help you, please call us before bringing in your clothes. We'll let you know if we have room and book you an appointment. 

  3. Come on by! If it’s your first time as a supplier, we'll get you set up by filling out a short form with your contact information. We'll then sort through the clothing as quickly as possible, depending on quantity. We'll sort through through your clothing and pick out the items that are in perfect condition (no stains, fading or wear) and are the brands we carry. What we accept depends on a combination of (1) what we think will sell for you (brand, style, etc) and (2) what we currently have in stock, so please understand if we cannot accept a particular item. 
  4. We do the rest! After you leave, we get to work tagging, pricing and steaming your clothes to help make them look their best. Most items are priced at approx 30% of the retail price.

  5. Cash in  your credit: When an item sells, you get 50% of the selling price. (Yay!) Your credit account will then be updated on the 1st of every month for everything that sold during the previous month. If your balance is under $50, you can use it as free credit at any time. Once it gets above $50, you can get a cheque for the full amount.

At the end of the season, you're welcome to come pick up an items that haven't sold. The cut-off dates for pickup are January 31st and July 31st - anything that's left, we donate them to a local, worthwhile charity like SHYM (Supportive Housing for Young Mothers) or Bryony House (a shelter for abused women and their children). 

The catch? Things move quickly! New outfits come in every day and are scooped up almost as fast. It's always first come, first serve - we can't hold items so your best bet is to check in often and grab something if you like it.

Tips for Being an Exchange Supplier:

Ready to clean out those old baby clothes?!

We know it can be hard (to find the time) but bringing in your barely-used kids clothing is a great way to make some room and some money at the same time. Here’s how it works:

  • Be a tough judge: Since you really want your clothing to sell, it needs to look great. That means totally clean (stain-free), no rips or missing buttons and not too wrinkled or out-of-date (hint: if your items are ironed, they'll sell much more quickly!). 
  • Know the brands: We've discovered that only high-quality brand names tend to sell (e.g. Baby Gap, Children’s Place, Polo). It saves time for everyone if you can weed out other brands (e.g. Joe, George) before bringing in your clothes. Check out our list of sample Brands We Carry.
  • Limit the load: For quantity, a good rule of thumb is no more than two garbage bags or two totes per visit. We know you want to get rid of everything at once but we don’t want to have to keep you waiting while we look through it all.
  • We have two clothing seasons: Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer. We start taking Fall/Winter items (e.g. long pants, long-sleeved shirts) in August, and Spring/Summer items in February.

Any questions? Stop by or give us a call (902-405-8804). We’ll be happy to help you get setup and start selling clothes with us!