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Fiddleheads Gift Card (Any Denomination)

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Quick Overview

Please note: You must login / create an account when purchasing a gift card if you want to print it. If you checkout without creating an account, you'll receive an email with a link to retrieve the gift card code but the link will not work. 

A gift card really is the perfect gift: the gift of freedom and choice.

Instead of yet another baby blanket, they'll actually use it for what they need most. A car seat. A stroller. Something super useful, like a diaper pail. Gift cards are always a perfect fit, unlike clothes that are worn far too briefly (or not at all!).

They also travel well (if you're mailing your gift), never break or go out of style.

You don't have to worry about someone else getting them the same thing when you get a gift card so you're actually saving them the effort of having to exchange or return things.

Purchase Options:

  1. Email a gift card: Instant gratification! Send a virtual gift card, with personal message, directly to the recipient and then cross this task off your list.
  2. Print a gift card: Great for putting in a card on the day of shower! Please note: For this option, make sure to create an account (or log-in) before purchasing. To print, you will receive an email with a link to retrieve the gift card code but this will not work if you didn't create an account.
  3. Send by post office: We'll send the actual gift card for free, by old-fashioned lettermail. Enter a special message (below) and we'll include it with the card.
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