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Innobaby Silicone Bath Scrub Fish

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Quick Overview

We love these silicone fish from Innobaby!!

Silicone doesn't hang on to yucky bacteria the way some washcloths can. It's antimicrobial, mold resistant, and dries quickly so it doesn't retain odors or stains. They're super gentle and fun to play with!


  • You Child Will Love Bathtime: This super-soft and gentle silicone fish bath scrub is perfect for gentle and effective cleaning of your child's or baby's delicate skin.
  • Massage While Bathing: These 2-sided fish have one side made of soft short bristles and the second side has longer even softer bristles for a gentle massage.
  • No More Smelly Washcloths: Replace your stinky wash cloths with these silicone fish bath scrubs. Silicone is mold resistant, antimicrobial and dry quickly, so these scrubs will not harbor any harmful or smelly bacteria.
  • Great for Cradle Cap: Use this short bristle side of the scrub to help alleviate the scaly, itchy skin condition without chemicals or medication.

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Innobaby’s Silicone Fish Scrubs are soft - so soft that you can gently wash and massage even the smallest baby’s delicate skin, making bath time fun & relaxing.

One side has soft, short bristles, and the other has longer and even softer bristles. They create a relaxing massage-like feeling, which makes it the perfect scrub for everyone, and is even gentle enough to use on baby’s cradle cap.

No need for chemicals or medication, just use the shorter bristles to gently scrub away the itchy, scaly skin condition.

There’s no need for smelly washcloths anymore. This fish scrub is 100% silicone, which is antibacterial, mold-resistant, antimicrobial. It can be washed in the dishwasher or boiled to be sanitized.

This is sure to be the whole family’s new favorite scrub!

Tip: Also a great sensory/fidget toy! Does your child need a fidget toy to stay engaged or seek sensory toys? This two-sided silicone fish have over 3000 hair-like silicone bristles, are calming and fun.

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