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Zoli Bot 2.0 Weighted Straw Sippy Cup

by zoli

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Quick Overview

Who says you can't teach an old BOT new tricks?

This next generation sippy cup gives you the choice to drink two ways: enjoy warm liquids with the use of the patented buffer chamber or cold with direct connect straw.


  • Unique weighted ball technology
  • Flexible food-grade silicone straw
  • Option for valve-free or use with buffer chamber for warm drinks
  • Built-in lid: no longer worry about lost parts!
  • BPA & Phthalate free


Tip: Great for warm milk at bedtime!


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This sippy cup isn't your ordinary one.

The BOT Sippy Cups features the original Siliflex-straw technology that is designed with a weighted ball so the straw always moves to the liquid regardless of the orientation of the cup.

The valve-free flexible straw allows it to move freely in any direction the cup is tilted ensuring that babies and toddlers will be ale to drink to the last drop. 

Integrated handles with flip lid makes it easy for toddlers to hold.

The Bot 2.0 also gives you the choice to drink two ways.

  1. Direct connect straw with original Siliflex weighted straw technology.
  2. Straw + disk to take advantage of the patented buffer chamber and enjoy your favorite warm liquids.

XL sized (10 oz)

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